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Data Redundancy

June 24, 2010 Leave a comment

Yesterday, I was travelling in an autorikshaw to my office. I was thinking about the register page to be put in my site. Since everything is not computerized in India, a lot of data redundancy is there everywhere. There should be some rule tomorrow that only email sites or government sites can ask details like address, phone number etc. All other sites should use their APIs for  membership. I think its coming up using Google friend connect, facebook or twitter. Lets make everything more and more simple. A day may come when I say create a bank account and the account is created :).

Currently happening around me: “We work so hard to be more lazy”

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My first post

June 21, 2010 Leave a comment

I am really happy with the way streetraceads behave. Now i am working on different types of testing. Planning to launch it on July 2nd. Today I also composed About me page. I always feel that something more has to be done. So each page or post here always lacks completeness 🙂 Still reading facts and conditions related to oil spill. Sad that it happened. Last day i found an image which speaks more than thousand words about oil spill.

Bird Oil spill

It should never happen again

Everything will be fine, my friends. Catch u later.

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