About Me

Thanks for you interest in knowing Street Race Ads. You are a nice friend to go through my humble start.

StreetraceAds as the name says, its just for ads. Other promotional activities are for keeping the site busy. I reward users who take an active participation in this site. Let me tell you whats flowing in my mind. I am big belly job holder 🙂 ie, i am a software engineer. Software is good and am enjoying it. For the past 9 years, website design is my passion. Hosted few websites for fun and some seriously. I too have dreams like most of the people, honestly speaking neat dreams. A good family, a home and in future few naughty kids and it goes on. But  my dreams are getting blurred when i think of future some 20 years from now. I read a lot on technology, electronic gadjets, cars, global warming, earth, oil spill and lots more. A summary from all those stuff in my brain is not a good one. We all have seen lion, our children now draw lion. But how many are sure that our children can show what they drew to their kids. In similar fashion, earth is heating up. We reduce cooler temperature to withstand the heat. What about the 80% of world population who cannot afford  cooler.

Last day, I saw a dog eating a plastic cover which has the smell of some food items. Man! this is terrible. Earth balance is getting affected. What happens when load is increasing just on one side. After a limit the structure will fall. Mahatma Gandhi once said “You be change you want to see in this world” and Mother Theresa once said “What we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But if that drop was not in the ocean, I think the ocean would be less because of that missing drop. I do not agree with the big way of doing things.” Its the time.

I started this site to earn money and visitors. I am planning to help the needy, plant more trees and spread my ideas. We think that we are isolated from the majority poor and nothing happens to us. Let the poor suffer and see how it impacts our lifestyle. Just sit and think how we depend on so called poor people. Then we will understand that what we say as charity should be renamed as responsibility. 80% percentage of rich are rich just bcoz they was born and brought up with favoring circumstance.

My dear friends, i need your help to promote this site and make this world more green and sustainable. I need your ideas, feedback and connections to grow.

“Business should be to earn and life should be to give. Then we know what is the meaning of deep sleep” dont search for the personality who told this. It me 🙂

very happy to  interact with u all


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