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Terms and Conditions :)

June 24, 2010

Want to know the strict rules and guidelines to follow in this site 🙂

  1. All visitors should be humans. Pet animals can be tried if so intelligent
  2. Dont rely on any information in the site. All the infos are collected from other sources like internet, newspaper and books
  3. So informations may be outdated as time proceeds
  4. Only fun intended. Other uses come automatically
  5. Rewards will be sent to mentioned address. Then also we will contact through mail before sending the rewards
  6. There can be errors / network down / coding errors / slow site speed etc as its not hosted in a dedicated server and the coding is done by me 🙂 .
  7. I respect hackers not crackers. Intelligence used for good makes a good history tomorrow
  8. All images and contents are copyrighted to respective owners.
  9. Last precaution from my side: The above terms and conditions will be updated time to time without any prior notice. I am not responsible for any good/bad things happening in your life due to this site 🙂

Go ahead. Have fun. All the best.

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